About us

If you want to spice up your journey, looking for luxurious accessories for your yacht or feeling like touching-up your vessel, AL-BO Ship Supply offers a wide range of fashionable and smart appliances for nautical enthusiasts and boat owners worldwide.

We provide our customers with leading-edge technology, engines and spare parts for all kinds of ships – from ocean racer to catamaran and even cruiser ships. Our passionate professionals thrive on finding the ideal solution that will perfectly fit your watercraft. Just contact us and our personnel will gladly recommend a suitable commodity for a superior experience that will make your time on board a delight!

AL-BO Ship Supply is a newly established company, starting to operate in January 2019. and it will be progressively growing enterprise, specialized in providing premium services, unbeatable solutions, and best-in-class inboard and outboard products. We pride ourselves for our speed, efficacy, integrity, honesty, excellence, and high approachability. We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and administering enjoyable, pleasing and carefree boating experience. Because of our extraordinary affection towards yachting world and nautical sports, we gathered a team of prominent maritime fanatics with an impressive technical and legal background to provide you with assistance, maintenance tips and information about our latest exclusively designed boat products.

leading boat service

Our idea of becoming a leading boat service provider stems not only from our devotion, excitement, and curiosity when it comes to solving your problems but also from the multiannual previous experience in nautics and boat maintenance. Engaging with professionalism and competence, we strive to become more than your average nautics supplier. We consult as a team, advise our clientele on unique optimum solutions and make valuable suggestions. 

Our partnerships with major mainstream manufacturers guarantee that the products you'll receive are high quality, error-free and in perfect condition. Steadily conquering new markets, ensuring our growth and mastering the craftsmanship of procurement, distribution, and sales, we rapidly flourished into respectable industry brand.

Whether you're a licensed owner of an exclusive yacht, deluxe cruiser or a first-time skipper, our team of committed specialists will help you find a solution which will maximize your boat’s speed while giving you the ultimate comfort and convenience. Don't worry about transportation. Our logistics unit provides freight-forwarding, distribution, and warehousing.

We have an offer you can’t refuse!


AL-BO Ship Supply against COVID-19

Because of the situation with the Coronavirus lot of hospitals, pharmacies, companies who need to use safety products are having big issues with procurement we have arranged with our partners to make it easier for EU countries to solve this issue.

We are offering whole range of safety products!